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My Story

When we jumped into full time travel we had 3 weeks to find an RV and go (we didn’t want to waste money on renewing our lease.)

We began our journey debt free, with an $800 month unemployment check our only consistent income.

Full time travel definitely takes getting used to, so even though I was blogging and coaching at the time, those sales dipped drastically as I learned the ropes.

To find our balance we shifted a lot. We flipped RV’S, I sold handcrafted items in little seaside towns, I let go of my coaching business due to lack of wifi (and knowledge of how to get it), and underwent drastic changes in my life views.

It was absolutely freeing, but believe me when I say I’ve done it all!

And I’ve found blogging and affiliate marketing to be not only my favorite, but also the MOST PROFITABLE!


We’ve decided to jump off the road and build a tiny house!

More info to follow soon!


What could be easier than talking about things that have made your life easier or more interesting for the benefit or encouragement of others??? 😍

That’s what you do when you start a lifestyle blog. You make a difference in the lives of others.

They look to you for inspiration and answers, experience and expansion.

It’s like chatting to old friends who are excited to hear about something new, something that’ll change their current path, move them forward.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, here are a few of my favorite YouTube channels to get you started:

YouTube For Beginning Bloggers

Allison Lindstrom

Gillian Perkins


Blogging and sharing your story can be enough to generate income, but most bloggers enjoy adding affiliate links to boost their income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is passive income at it’s best.

No need to create products, handle customer service, to begin you don’t even actually need a blog!

It allows you to make money WHILE living the rest of your life.

You simply promote, or recommend, other people’s products and earn a commission.

Amazon’s affiliate program is probably the best known, easiest to start, and most used.

However, there are many, many, many options for affiliate marketers in all niches!

Read more about getting started!

Becoming A Blogging Digital Nomad (or Work At Home Mom!)

As I mentioned earlier, becoming a digital nomad is easier said than done, but absolutely amazing once you learn the ropes.

I’m here to make that a LOT easier for you πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ.

I’m sure you already know the niche you want to focus on in your blog like the back of your hand.

So many people believe that’s enough.

But the back side of owning any business is not just operating, it’s REACHING PEOPLE!

And that takes some studying and some practice!

What to focus on:


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