Becoming Minimalist


The ultimate guide to creating space in your environment and life!



As a practicing minimalist with a love for creating my space intentionally I’m so excited you landed here!

I have created freedom and ease in my life and I can’t wait for you to do the same!

I want you to be surrounded by the things you love (& only those) because then we can mindfully go about our day filled with gratitude and so much joy it spills out our ears!

I want you to use the power of thought, words, intention, and imagination to create order, release the clutter, and create a beautiful space to live your life.


Right now you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, afraid to let go because you “might need that someday), and you don’t know where to start.

That is why you need this course.

Big work for BIG MAGIK

You want to

  • eliminate clutter
  • cut thru the chaos
  • stop always needing more
  • reduce stress

And you’re ready for

  • Functional spaces
  • Spaces that fill you with joy
  • Truly loving what you own
  • Doing less

I have gone thru the process over a span of 4 years.

I want you to go faster, make extreme change for extreme results!

This is a self paced course that includes a 7 day challenge to wet your feet before you dive in.

What’s included?

  • A complete guide to Decluttering – extreme! Never have mess again. A huge hinge overhaul!
  • A complete guide to Organization step by step so you’re ready to create and allow your environment to support you
  • A complete guide to reduce the demands on your time and clear your schedule
  • A complete guide to digital decluttering


  • 7 day starter challenge
  • Checklist of the only things you really need
  • Tax deduction checklist
  • Minimalist grocery list

To access this course you will be redirected to the link upon checkout.

This program holds the space for you to get raw with your surroundings, acknowledge the mental and physical effect it has on you.

Then you’ll intentionally create surroundings that bring you joy.

You’ll be growing into that dream life!

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