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Magical Morning Ebook / Workbook w/ resell rights

This is a quick read (we all have enough books we won’t actually finish!), and you can literally start using your routine within a few minutes! If you are ready to go from: Stressed Out > Zen each morning, Overworked > My Cup Is Full, Always Running Behind > Organized Rushed Without Joy >Time To Enjoy Drained & Exhausted > Smiling and Creative Self Conscious > Confident Never Get Things Done > Productive Worried About Everything > Grateful Everyday . And I won’t even ask you to get up early or read a bunch of useless info! We get right to the nitty gritty, take action, and set the intention that this will become the new norm.


Visualization Mini Workshop w/ resell rights

This mini workshop is the how and the why of visualization along with 13 amazing methods of practicing it. Reusable content, this teaches you the methods you will use for years to come!


Gratitude Workshop w/ resell rights

Cultivating gratitude reliably creates positive and transformative change. Raise your vibration by practicing gratitude daily. Includes a 30 day ORIGINAL gratitude practice and affirmations to aid your success.


Challenging Your Inner Dialog Course w/ resell rights

Stopping the negative internal dialog is singularly the most important act a person must accomplish. This course will help you recognize your inner dialog and replace it with positive. You have great things coming your way!


Mindset Reset Mini Course w/ resell rights

A quick 7 day workshop to be sure that you are living at your maximum potential and fulfilling your life purpose. Perfect for those who have been aligned and on fire but are struggling with a slump.


Forgive Yourself Course w/ resell rights

We can forgive others but not ourselves…BUT WE CAN! Unforgiveness creates anger, resentment, stress, sleep issues, and even physical problems. Instead lets acknowledge our mistakes as chances to learn!


Shadow Work Course w/ resell rights

Beneath the mask we wear every day we have a shadow side. The shadow can be a source of emotional richness and vitality. Acknowledging it can be a pathway to healing and an authentic life.


Becoming Minimalist w/ resell rights

The ultimate guide to creating space in environment and life!


Align Not Grind Course w/ resell rights

Get clear on what you were meant for and start living your dreams.


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June: visualization ebook, manifesting workshop, and an inner child e course.

July: Morning routine ebook, follow the moon Workbook (setting intentions and reaching your goals), success e course

August: confidence e book, meditation workshop, and empower yourself e course.

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