Minimalist Grocery Checklist


Necessary Items Room by Room

Kitchen – cooking spoon, spatula, multi purpose pot, fridge, 1 plate,bowl,cup,silverware per person, 5-10 spices, stove, food you’ll eat within a 1-2 week period (and no more), cleaner, washcloth, knife

Bathroom- shampoo, body wash, 1 towel per person, shaving needs, toilet paper, hand soap, 2 hand towels

Bedroom- bedding (1 set), 7 year round outfits, 4 or less pairs of shoes, 10-12 entertainment items (books, toys, etc)

Living Space – seating for everyone, tv, game system?

Office space- laptop, notebook, paper, pens, sheet protectors

Necessary Cleaning – broom, vacuum, paper towels, all purpose cleaner

How do I know those are the only things you really need?

Because I’m living proof. I have very little. Probably less than is listed above!


Tax Deduction Sheet

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