Quick Intention Setting Guide


Intention setting is the starting point for living the life of your dreams.

What is intention?
Intention is when you become clear about what you want to create your life experience and how you want to show up in every moment.
Intention is planting the seeds of consciousness, and then, as Deepak Chopra says:
“Only when you release your intentions into the fertile depths of your consciousness can they grow and flourish.”
However, here’s the thing – you have to consciously set your intentions if you want to have any creating that experience in your life.

Below is a guide to help you do that quickly!

Quick Intention Setting Guide

Answer the following questions to craft your intention:

What are your top 4 goals?

Rate them on a scale of one(most important) to ten(least) and write the one with the lowest number here:

What does meeting that goal look like in your life? (Powerful Visualization) What do you see? Feel? How do you behave? How do you solve the problems that come up?

Now write 25 words you associate with this goal being met:

In the 2 sections above, what patterns emerge?

After rereading the above 3 prompts, what is the overall deep feeling you are accomplishing?

Take that feeling and turn it into an Asking Intention:

I want to feel (blank) by accomplishing (blank).

Now we’ll transmute that into an Affirmative Intention:

I feel (blank) when I do (blank).

To create your encoded symbol (optional but enhances success!) follow the three links here:

Symbol Color Material

Or just use one word and create a pendant or bracelet (click links).

Wear the Encoded Intention daily to strengthen you and keep your intention in the forefront of your mind.

If you would like to energetically charge it see the article here for instructions.


You just crafted and anchored a strong intention!

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