In the last section we seriously downsized your possessions.

But it left you with piles against the walls.

There were 3 categories to this stack.

The “use everyday” stuff, the “life to own it” stuff, and the “memento section”.

Take on each category as explained below.

Time to tackle that need pile!

Tackling The Need Pile

Step One: Separate need pile into categories.

  1. mementos,

  2. use every day,

  3. and like to have.

Use the checklist questions for need or just like:

  • Is it beautiful?

  • Do I love it?

  • Do I feel an obligation to keep this?

  • Is someone expecting me to have this?

  • Do I want to feel less tired, stressed, & overwhelmed?

  • Do I want to feel calm, happier, and energized?

Step 2: Find a home for the use everyday items.

These items should be:

  • Within easy reach

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Placed within arms each of place you use them

Step 3: Find a place for all like to have.

These items should:

  • Fully support the life you are trying to create

  • Bring you joy

  • Fit into or on a place that already exists in the house, without needing commercial storage containers

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