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Go Paper Free

Over the next week or so you can work on this project that will help keep clutter away.

Steps to take:

  1. Change all household bills to the “go paper free” option on their website.

  2. Change to digital subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.

  3. If a child brings home school papers or art, make tradition of taking a picture with the item and tossing immediately.

  4. Store all important papers (birth certificates, social security cards, etc) in a fireproof safe.

  5. Junk mail should be recycled as soon as it comes in the door (or before!)

Then you’ll be done!

Creating A Year Round Wardrobe:

Only keeping wardrobe essentials will save you hours, and money!

I’m sure you’ve heard of a capsule wardrobe, but today we’re going to take it one step further.

The year round wardrobe is easy to create.

Each outfit (I recommend 7 or less) should consist of:

  • 1 long sleeve undershirt

  • One short sleeve shirt

  • Lightweight pants

  • Knee socks

  • Underwear

To this you can add:

  • Jacket

  • Sandals

  • Winter shoes

In the summer wear the short sleeve shirt, roll the pants up a couple times, and slap on your sandals!

Easy, breezy, beautiful!

In cooler weather either wear the jacket, the undershirt, or both.

Why would we bother to do this?

It means no storage bins full of sweaters or shorts you thought you’d be able to fit again!

Less time spent shuffling boxes and finding closet space.

More time to do what you want!

Life is too short for storage!

Buying New Things

When buying new things stick to the in/out rule.

If you purchase a new shirt, donate an old one.

If you purchase a new pitcher, etc, throw an old one out.

There are exceptions to this rule!

If you want to infuse an intention into each room like we discussed above, feel free to bring in curtains, etc.

Each item can be chosen by the symbolism or magical properties.

I’ll discuss this much further in an upcoming book, but you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about below.

Red: love, passion, strength, power

Orange: energy, vitality, luck, magnetism

Yellow: creativity, communication, learning

Green: prosperity, health, abundance, nature

Blue: peace, hope, healing, patience, truth

Purple: intuition, deep connections, wisdom

Arrow: can only move forward by first going back

Crescent moon: deepens resolve

Elephant: ancient power, loyalty, strength, good luck

Rose: love, passion, beauty, faithfulness

Alder: release, determination, inner confidence

Oak: power, survival, ancient wisdom

You can research the magical properties or symbolic meanings of items on Pinterest or online.

These type of items that enrich your life should surround you, as long as they each have a specific purpose and place.

Household Binder

Keeping a household binder is an easy way to stay organized.

You can use a simple 3 ring binder, notebook paper, and sheet protectors.

Or you could get fancy. They sell these kind of planners everywhere on ETSY!

Include in your binder:

  • Goals for the year

  • Routines

  • Schedule

  • Home maintenance

  • Meal plans

  • Grocery list

  • Dr appointments

  • Cleaning schedule

  • Expense and income tracker

  • Budget

  • Chore charts

  • Bucket lists

  • Pet records

  • Passwords

Leave it in a convenient place and use it daily!

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