Manage Your Schedule

A simplified schedule can seem impossible at first.

But an overcrowded schedule leads to all the things physical clutter leads to:

  • Over stimulated system

  • Drawing our attention away from what’s important

  • Makes it difficult to relax

  • Causes anxiety and overwhelm

  • Creates feelings of guilt and embarrassment

It seemed impossible for me to cut thru the iron curtain of overwhelm once too!

I owned a daycare, had 3 of my own children, employees, a family, friends, volunteer positions, sports, art classes, homeschool meetings, workout sessions, dinner, ………I’m a little out of breath just remembering!

This list goes on and on until YOU step in and evaluate your life.

You are in control and you only have a certain amount of time in this physical body.

Are you using it to fulfill your soul purpose?

Or are your letting it slip by without really knowing where it’s all gone?

Below we will evaluate those questions and more.

You’ll be asked to really get clear on your priorities.

You’ll learn how to make things fit and let them go.

I’m so excited for your journey.

Let’s begin.

Know Yourself


Know yourself so you can design your life and fill it with what brings you closer to your higher self.

You’ll intentionally design what you would like to fill your day.

It’ll be So worth it!

Productive Times

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Do you struggle to wake up before 10 am, or are you going strong at midnight?

Knowing your productive times and arranging your schedule so those are your busiest hours will make your life flow much easier.

Self Care Practice

Know your self care style.

What is something that’s hugely important to you?

What kind of self care will help you feel energized?

What act of self care would help you feel relaxed?

Self care is such an important part of honoring our bodies and our journey.

No person is at their best if they are tired, frustrated, or feel put upon by the universe!


What are your top 4 priorities in life?

Do you make time each day to pursue those priorities? How?

What are 4 things you spend time on that you’d rather not?

What are 3 ways you could do less of those?

Implement steps above!

Fill your day with your top priorities.

Reevaluate often, they can shift and change as we expand our container, filling up more and more with joy, growing into our higher selves.

NOTE: there’s nothing in the world that says you need to cook (salads and sandwiches!), do dishes (recycled paper!), be a full time caregiver (nanny!), or do anything that doesn’t bring ultimate fulfillment.

Everything is figureoutable!

Strengths & Delegation

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

Knowing your strengths and working in that zone of genius will make you most productive.

You can delegate everything else.

What Brings You Joy

Doing more of what you enjoy can keep you motivated and more productive.

When we avoid things we enjoy and consider them unimportant, we begin to feel resentful of activities that otherwise wouldn’t bother us!

What You Want Out Of Life

If you don’t know what you want in life, you don’t know what goals will get you there.

What is your big vision for life?

What are 5 steps that will move you closer?

Make time for those things in your day.

Dreams and goals will change as time goes by, so be sure to regularly review!


What are your hobbies?

Do you prioritize them in your life?

We must continue to play, laugh, create and find joy in our daily existence and in each moment.

Powerful Statement

Loving your daily routine is a simple matter of filling it with things you love, and focusing on those things.

Affirmation: I will focus on things I love.

Question for your day:

Do I enjoy what I’m doing? If yes, continue doing it, no more questions.

If not: Why am I doing it? If you don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it. But if it needs to be done we’ll continue the questions.

How can I make this task more enjoyable, or how can I delegate it?


  • We all have things we need to do each day. Sometimes we wake up and rush, sometimes we fall behind. Having a plan in place will help even when you are running late!

  • Be excited to wake up!

  • Accomplish more, teaching yourself to feel successful.

Morning Routine

  • Start the day focused on you.

  • Hit the reset button daily, calmly being grateful that today is a new day.

  • Morning Routines help drop perfectionism, you always know tomorrow is another day!

Time For Yourself

  • Relieves anxiety, gives your mind breathing room, and helps you understand your path.

  • Learn to depend on yourself, trust your instincts, and know you’ve taken the time to evaluate your decisions.

  • Allows you to focus…I mean, quiet! Yes!

Getting Business Done

  • Carving out time makes you productive! Be sure to carve out an adequate amount to satisfy yourself.

  • Focusing improves your motivation.

  • You feel like more of a contributor to your family and your environment!

Fill Your Head With Good Things

  • Positive affirmations

  • Friendly Facebook and social media

  • Your daily mantra such as -today will be a good day!

Receive Inspiration & Practice Gratitude

  • Learn new things

  • Enjoy nature

  • Practice Gratitude

Spend Time with Loved Ones

  • Taking time each day for phone or in person interaction improves your connection, therefore making you happier.

  • Be sure these are primarily positive interactions

Evening Routine

  • Reading

  • Pampering

  • Pre planning

  • Relaxing

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