Household Schedule

Here’s a handy household Schedule for the minimalist household.

It’s so simple it’ll seem like you never have to clean again!


  • Dishes

  • Laundry

  • Make beds

  • 15 minute flash tidy, 2x day

  • 15 minute declutter


Monday – Bedrooms

Tuesday – Bathrooms

Wednesday – Kitchen

Thursday – Meals and Errands

Friday – Vacuum & Floors

Saturday – Outside Work

Sunday – Rest

Building the habit:

Doing things in this manner may take a while. Only because it takes time to build a habit.

But, it is worth it!

Plan on committing to this model for at least one month before making any changes.

No days off!


Laundry and dishes shouldn’t take long if they are done every day. Making beds can be everyone’s job! The 15 min tidy and declutter can also be done by all members of the household.

To be most productive in laundry, make putting it away easy! Socks in one bucket, shirts and pants in great looking piles on a closet shelf. Only hang what needs to be hung. Fold only when necessary.

Productive dishes are those that are soaked. Make dishes easy by soaking them all in very hot water while you tidy the counters, etc. The water will cool while you clean, and you can rinse the dishes easily.

Weekly items should be more in depth cleaning such as closets or emptying the fridge. Never take more than 20 minutes on one area, or the motivation to begin will not be there!

Enjoy your simplified schedule!

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