Digital Declutter

Clutter exists in virtually every part of our lives from our over cramped closets to our finances to our computers, phones, and tablets.

We know the value of eliminating our physical clutter and work hard to keep a handle on it. But have you thought about the need to clean up your digital clutter?

While one of the greatest things about today’s technology is that it can be a great tool to help keep the physical clutter at bay, it seems as if in an effort to remove our physical clutter we’ve increased our digital clutter.

You can start the process by uploading all physical CD’s to your computer or cloud.

Then take physical photos (only ones you really want) and take pictures of them with your cell or scan them in.

Store those photos in your cloud or on a storage Instagram account (one with no followers, just like your personal scrapbook).

Now our physical environment is even less cluttered. Yay!

But…..Clutter is clutter!

Whether it’s physical possessions or an overflowing inbox, they can both create a feeling of stress and overwhelm.

Much like getting our physical clutter under control gives you that happy feeling of when you can easily locate exactly what you’re looking for, the same is true with digital clutter.

To clean up your digital clutter and keep it to a minimum here are 8 areas to start tackling today!

Your computer Desktop

Don’t underestimate the value of a clean and clear desktop. It may have been awhile since you’ve seen one!

The first thing to do is delete old programs and apps you no longer use. Don’t just remove the shortcuts from your desktop, delete the program entirely from your hard drive.

Next, arrange the shortcuts in a visually pleasing way and put an inspiring quote as your wallpaper.

Put all documents into clearly labeled folders.

Do the same with photos.


How many commercial subscriptions do you have in Facebook messenger?

They come in all day, hot and heavy.

Unsubscribe to any that you don’t absolutely love.

Delete old conversations often. Keep only those that are closest to you.

If you use messenger to reach out to people for business, don’t keep the conversations, keep track of them in a client/network spreadsheet.


You can truly monitor what goes in your inbox.

If something is no longer helpful to you, unsubscribe.

Unsubscribing is the quickest way to clean up your digital clutter in your inbox!

Aim to have an empty inbox daily.

The simplest way to do this is to create separate folders and categories for your emails.

For emails that I need to hold on to, place them in specific folders named clearly.

What’s left in my inbox, now acts as my basic to-do list, everything else gets deleted.

Old Contacts

Clean up your digital clutter by deleting anyone you no longer regularly communicate with.


If you have a ton of old documents that you no longer need, it’s time to start deleting.

To start with, look and see if you have multiple versions of the same document. There is no reason to keep all versions, keep the most recent or final version and delete the rest.

For those files that you do need to keep, create separate folders for the various categories of documents.

Group like items together either by file type.

Make sure that your file names make sense so that you readily know what the file contains.


Do yourself a favor here and don’t keep bad photos! When decluttering photos the first thing to do is go through and delete any photos or videos that are:

Poor quality or lighting
No longer meaningful to you

Create folders for your photos similar to the way you created folders for your documents.

You can sort them by event, month, year, any way that serves you.


This consists of all of your music, games and movie files.

If you have media folders you know that you’re not likely to use go ahead and delete them.

Decluttering these files will make it so much easier to find the media files you regularly use.

Social Media

How many Facebook groups do you belong to?

Are they still providing value to you?

If not unsubscribe from them.

The same is true for business pages you have liked or followed. If they are not providing value to your life unfollow.

What about friends that don’t light you up? Just bring you down?

If they don’t make you smile, unfollow.

You don’t have to unfriend, you can simply unfollow and they’ll never know.

This way your feed is not being cluttered with posts you have no interest in, leaving space for love and light!

Digital clutter very distracting and a great time waster when you can’t easily find things you are looking for.

Declutter those digitals items no longer serving you.

As you clean up your digital clutter you will be amazed at all the ways it helps you regain your focus.

Just like removing physical clutter, removing digital clutter clears space to allow you to spend time on what adds value to life.

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