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A Little More:

When decluttering, one of the lies that we tell ourselves is that we need to hold onto an item because we may use it “someday,” yet “someday” never comes.

It’s easy to list off reasons we feel we “need” to keep something, but needing something isn’t the same as clinging (my husband’s biggest struggle is electronic cords and mine is craft stuff.)

But if you aren’t using the item now and haven’t in a while, chances are you won’t get around to it in the future.

It’s sometimes not black and white. Just remember your big vision and your intention. Always come back to what you are creating, not what you are donating.

Another lie we tell ourselves is that we need to keep something “just in case” some unforeseen circumstance arises in the future.

Yet, you need to ask yourself, “What is the likelihood of that happening?”

Usually this scenario never happens, and if it does by some odd chance, then we usually forget about the item that we were going to use “just in case” or we find other means to solve the issue.

Things such as cups you can reuse at fairs or theme parks, books about odd subjects like how to fix a rat problem, or the sweater you save just in case a Aunt Milda comes over should be the first to go!

By evaluating each item, you learn to prioritize what adds the greatest value, happiness and meaning to your life.

While asking yourself questions, really feel the item, study it and listen to your intuition.

Some of the things that spark joy for you won’t make sense and that’s okay.

If you can hold an item, say without a doubt that you truly love it and feel it in your gut, then it’s worth keeping.

You will quickly find that you own a lot of possessions with little to no value.

If the items are redundant and don’t benefit you, then give it away!

Your home is a safe haven and should only contain items that add value to your life. No guilt!

Things I’ve gotten rid of over the years – gifts, children’s art, large ticket items, childhood keepsakes, photo albums. It’s all ok!

After evaluating each item, thank it for its service in your life and place it into your pile or i into a bag.

It may seem a little strange, but thanking your items before you say goodbye might help you move on more easily.

Thank them by the bag full! You’ve only got an hour!

Selling Things

The ultimate question: shouldn’t I make money off this?

If you feel you must sell something, put it against another wall.

If it doesn’t sell in a month it’ll be donated.

We’ll assign these items a place in:

Complete Guide To Organization


After you’ve gone to dinner, done some self care, it’ll be time for bed.

Look around and thank yourself for being brave and taking huge leaps!

This new life is going to be amazing.

Holiday Decorations

Using this method of decluttering, get rid of those holiday decorations (and storage units!)

Each year you can pick a theme and stock up on decorations at the dollar tree for under $20.

This is true for any holiday.

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