Your 10 Year Plan

Create your 10 year plan

Imagine yourself in 10 years. What do you see in these areas:

  • Work (the 3 C’s) – creative expression, change the world, connection

  • Health

  • Development/Education

  • Social

  • Recreation

  • Family

  • Future (beyond 10 years)

  • Spirituality

Write down your goals in each of those areas as if ten years is tomorrow. State it as if you’re already there.

“I sit on the beach and drink Mai Tais for breakfast and I love the feel of shark fins in the afternoon.” Or whatever you’re into…

Work: The Three C’s


Personal Development/Education




Future (beyond 10 years)


Now the challenge!

10x those goals into something much much bigger (kinda like personal development inflation!)

I highly recommend Grant Cardone’s book 10x it.

You can get it here!

Account for the fact that you’re going to grow and you want to challenge yourself to continue to grow.

Goals are easy to design. That work you just did above. It was the easy part….

Go back thru each goal and write down exactly how you will feel when you are living that life.

Now list them all in one place and begin to feel them today.

You’ll be aligning your vibrational frequency and literally propelling yourself to the reality you’ve chosen.

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