Staying Positive

When hard times befall, there are a few initial responses you can make sure the situation is combated with as much positivity as possible.

Life does indeed get in the way and make things difficult temporarily at times, and having the big picture in mind at these times is extremely important for you to come out on the winner’s side.

The first step we take is examining the situation.

Ask yourself these questions:

– Why is this happening?

– How does this make you feel?

– What exactly is causing these negative emotions and experiences for you?

– How can you redirect these feelings into positive ones?

Go over these answers in depth to find out the root of what’s going on for you right now. Challenge your negative thoughts as they arise with these questions, and learn how to stop them as they come with this method. By understanding the underlying reasoning behind your negative emotions, you may empower yourself to change this pattern of thinking to one of positivity.

Two incredible ways to keep a positive mindset is through expressing gratitude and using affirmations.

What gives you purpose in life?

What are you grateful for on a daily basis?

Keeping a Gratitude Journal causes our minds to remain positive throughout the day, and will be our daily assignment for today.

The people you surround yourself with have an incredible impact on your outlook in life. Evaluate the people in your life and decide to make some changes if these people aren’t positive influences in your life.

This doesn’t mean to kick these people to the curb, by any means. Being a positive influence in their lives can change their perspective and mindset! You could be giving them a beautiful gift that could change their lives drastically. We, of course, can’t eliminate every source of negativity in our lives; the important thing to remember is to be on guard, and to protect yourself and your wellbeing from these negative sources.

Natural helpers


Clary sage


“Who am I to deserve such a fierce warrior? I am me, and I am my own hero!”

Homework assignment

As we spoke of above, today’s assignment is to keep a Gratitude Journal. Use the outline below to fill out at the end of your day. Note: Continuing this for more than just today is suggested. It’s a lot of fun, really!

Your Gratitude Journal

List 3 things you are grateful for today




List 1 person you are grateful for in your life

List 1 ability you have that you are grateful for

List 1 experience you’ve had that you’re grateful for

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