Quick Schedule Guide

Quick Schedule Workbook

Map out your current schedule or what a typical day looks like.

What are your top 4 life priorities :

Leave yourself a couple hours in the morning to have a morning routine. What time does your family/work need you? __________

So that means you need to get up at ______.

If you have 7-8 hours of sleep per night, that means you need to go to bed at ________ (time you wake up minus 7-8 hours.)

So, the hours between your wake up time and your sleep time are your productive hours.

Now, outline the hours that you are needed that are non negotiable. These hours include work outside the home hours, pickup and drop off of children times, driving hours, extra curricular activities, etc.

All the hours in between are the hours you can fill with activities from your top 4 life priorities.

Fill those time blocks with a general description such as “Business Hours” or “ “House Hours”. Then have a list of things you must do during those hours do you can assign them to your day.

Here’s an example:


Wake up 5:30 a.m.

5:30- 7: morning routine (things that start your day great!)

7-9: Kids and school run

9-12: business hours

12: lunch

1-3: Kids nap – catch up time

3-5: house hours

5-7 dinner and family time

7-9 evening routine ( get ready for tomorrow, some self care, and relaxation)

9pm – bed

Your special lists of things that must be done would be done during 9-12, & 3-5, with a bonus of catch up time during nap!

When creating your schedule, be sure to separate the days of the week and include any extracurriculars. If you can work during them, add a list of things you can do during that time.

Let’s pretend it’s all set up and now it’s “Business Hours”.

Choose your most important 3 items from that list and complete them one at a time.

Then choose the next three.

Same with “house hours” from 3-5.

Feel free to break your day up however you decide to do it.

But track down every small block of time and make a list for it specifically. Then, use the list! 🙂

Create Your Morning Routine

What would you like to do?

How much time would you spend on each thing?

What time does your family need you in the morning?


Time family needs you (-) # of minutes required for routine = wake up time.


Put chosen items in order and schedule them. Post the schedule where you’ll see it each morning.

Put an x on the bottom of the list for each time you complete the routine.

The goal is 28-31 x’s a month.

If this is hard to reach, include a special reward for completing it.

Be open to tweaking the list/schedule, because as you do it you’ll find what works best.

Evening Routine

How much sleep do you need for maximum performance and health? ________hours.

So if you get up at ______(decided above) you need to go to bed at _________.

What do you need to do at night to make the next day easier?

Ex: clean, plan, ready lunches, clothes picked out.

What enjoyable and relaxing items do you want to include in your eve routine?

How much time do you need to do your must do’s?

How much time do you want for your enjoyable activities?

How long does it take to put the kids to bed?


Must do’s time + kids to bed + enjoyable activities = __________

Subtract that number from your bed time to decide what time your eve routine needs to begin.

To drop off to sleep quickly be sure:

  • You’re not hungry

  • You’re room is cool

  • You’ve had relaxing tea

  • Your room is un-cluttered and relaxing

  • You’ve included a gratitude practice into your eve routine

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