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The world we live in is full of distractions and the norm is to have an embarrassingly dreadful attention span. Therefore, learning how to focus your mind on what you need to accomplish is a vital part of success. There are several key elements on how to do just that, which we will discuss now.

How to Focus and Quiet Your Mind:

1. Get rid of distractions. We’re constantly on our cell phones and computers – which cause us to get lost for hours on Facebook and cleaning out our inboxes. For the task at hand, shut yourself off from the digital world and alleviate any temptation to fall victim to losing focus.

2. Train yourself to pick up on your triggers of distraction and learn to combat them before they sneak in.

3. Quiet your mind of its chatter and focus solely on the task at hand. Put all of your concentration on what you’re planning to do.

4. Choose a productive space and time to tackle your task.

Attention spans are like muscles – the more we work on them, the stronger they get. Through focusing on these 4 simple elements and implementing them into your daily life, your ability to focus will increasingly grow over time.

Let’s evaluate these topics and make a plan of how this can be improved:

1. What are the distractions you face that keep you from your best focus?

2. What triggers cause you to lose your focus?

3. List some prime spaces that could promote your best focus and productivity:

Natural helpers

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“I am filled with forgiveness for those who have harmed me, and I release my negative feelings daily.”

Homework assignment

One ideal way to clear the chatter of your mind is Morning Pages. Upon waking, take 10 minutes to write absolutely anything that comes to mind. As hard as it may be, write for the entire 10 minutes. You will be amazed at what comes out during this time, and it truly reveals to you the themes of your thoughts. This is great for two things: clearing your mind and taking evaluation of what consumes your thoughts.

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