Dropping Resentment

Resentment is a touchy subject that evokes a great deal of emotion for most. It’s sometimes not an easy task to let go of the feeling that someone wronged you, but the unfortunate truth is resentment builds a strong connection between you and the source of your pain. These negative feelings can and will suck your energy and leave you depleted.

Who is it harming in your life, beside yourself, to deplete your positive energy and emotions? Your wellbeing and health is far more important to you, and your loved ones, over whatever it is that is causing your resentment.

One central cause of resentment is when our ego takes a blow, which begins the proliferation of resentment. What has happened to you to cause resentment in your life? Write down everything that comes to mind. It can be as big as a family member or loved one wronging you, or as small as resentment toward a coworker or business that you have a lack of respect for.

Take a few moments and assess the situation of resentment in your life by writing down everything that evokes negative feelings in you.

Now that you have this list, study it well and take note of where your energy is going. There is one very important truth here: nobody can harm you without your consent. Remember that releasing this resentment is a gift to yourself, and that you are not doing it for the people you hold this resentment toward. Reflect on ways to redirect this negative emotion into positive emotion, and write down those ideas at the bottom of your list.

Natural halpers

St johns wort


Green tea

“All that I need will come to me at the right time and place in my life”

Homework assignment

To aid in letting go of resentment, write a letter to someone in your life that is causing resentment in your heart. You do not have to send this letter, or even let anyone see it. This is an exercise for you and you only – to have your feelings out on paper and release them. Upon completion of your letter, read over it and consciously release the emotions you’ve written. Rip up your letter signifying the release of this resentment, and carry on with a full and gracious heart. Write as many letters as you feel the need to write, and free yourself from resentment.

Who will you write these letters to?

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