Conquering Negative Thoughts

The thoughts that float around in your head on a daily basis condition you in how to think and deal with situations. For this reason, the importance of your surroundings is an essential ingredient of your mindset and energy.

Do you surround yourself with positive people?

Do you start your day on a positive note?

How you choose to deal with disappointing and irritating daily life situations is another important factor to take into account. These situations can arise often. Being on guard to combat them with positivity is imperative to maintaining alignment. Having this ability to conquer negative thoughts as they arise will empower you to live a much more centered life. We will work through many issues to cause this alignment shift throughout the week.

Simply put – there are positive people and there are negative people, and you luckily have the ability to choose which you’d like to be.

Conquering your thoughts to become a more positive person can be easier than you might think. Let’s go over a few key ways to conquer your thoughts to create more alignment in your life:

· Choose to begin your day with a meditation or yoga session. Quiet your mind, get in touch with yourself and begin your day with caring for your body and spirit.

· When you feel yourself thinking in a negative tone, turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. Most of the time, our negative thoughts are just what we’re conditioned to go to first, and when we train our brains to think positively instead, true change happens.

· Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. Being and remaining properly hydrated is incredibly important to our health, including the health of our minds. Having a clearly operating mind will allow you to make a transition much easier, and you will feel much better overall.

· Identify with your inner voice. Many of us have been conditioned to think negatively through past experiences and self-doubt. Realize that you are now in control of this voice. Separate yourself from the old one.

· Realize that you are not perfect, and love yourself anyway. You are unique and beautiful.

· Be quiet. Literally. What thoughts and emotions arise in you when you are completely still and present?

Nataural Helpers

Milk thistle

Roman chamomile

Dark chocolate

“I accept life as it is with positive energy”

Homework Assignment

Be extremely conscious of your thoughts throughout the day today. What is your initial thought process? Do you tend to gravitate toward more negative or positive thoughts?

Take inventory of the stressors in your life today that may trigger your negative thoughts to arise. List them below:






Now that you have your triggers in black and white, be on guard throughout the day of how to combat these triggers before they flood your mind with negative emotions and thoughts. Creating this action to become a conscious effort causes it to flow into a part of our daily thought process, and positivity becomes much more natural. You can do it!

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