Avoiding Negativity

The psychology behind negative thinking states that it seemingly protects us from bad things happening, with the idea that we have mentally prepared ourselves for these instances. Once you train your mind to conquer negativity with logic and reason, the harmful effects from this thought process will begin to dissipate. Beginning to consistently think rationally and not in extremes will help combat this negativity from overtaking the mind. Negativity breeds illness in our bodies and relationships, and messes with our energetic vibration, so this is a very sensitive and important topic to overtake.

This is no easy task in the world we live in, and most certainly takes a lot of heart and practice to get the hang of. Negativity is all around us – and luckily, we are in control of how to process what enters our minds. Negative thoughts reinforce negative emotions. What kind of people do you spend the majority of your time with? Do you treat one-time setbacks as temporary or continual?

Assumptions lead to a great deal of negative emotions. Going into situations without assuming the outcome is one simple step to take a great deal of negative stress off your plate. That family reunion you’re not ecstatic about going to, or that evaluation at your job that’s coming up next week – both are stressors that many people face. Both these situations could still end up being stressful situations, of course, but eliminating the unnecessary stress leading up to it is an exceptional way to improve your alignment.

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To assist in avoiding assumptions that cause undue stress, today we will list the top 5 situations you come across in your daily life that cause assumptions to arise.






Keep this list handy to be reminded often of the stressors that arise often. Use your mindset techniques to stop these in their tracks, and rebirth these negative emotions into positive ones. You will be intentionally raising your vibration and practicing alignment.

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