Ways To Use Facebook As A Beginning Coach

As an online coach you’ll be using Facebook a lot.

It’s the number one social media platform, and people of all ages lurk there.

As you gain visibility you’ll need to manage your Facebook carefully, but that’s another conversation!

For now, let’s discuss the different ways to use Facebook.

  • Business page – every coach should have a business page, simply to show up in search results. You won’t get very much activity on it at first. Don’t put all your magnificent content on there, it would be wasted. Consider it your professional profile in the beginning.
  • Facebook profile – your profile is a fabulous place to talk about your message. Erase the fear and use your profile as another place to build your platform. Grow your audience by friending people you have something in common with. Be social.
  • Facebook group – having your own group is a great tool for gathering those you resonate with into an intimate space. From there you can continue to offer them value, sell them your services, and be supportive of their journey.
  • Paid Facebook group – once you have an audience you can sell spaces in your group. These can be a one time fee or a monthly subscription. You would offer your best stuff to these people.
  • Other people’s Facebook groups – this is a great way to connect with like minded people and get your content in front of those who want to see it. Join 2-3 that you want to be active in. Be sure you follow the group rules.
  • Group to host courses – you can create private groups to host a group course.


Those are the top ways to use Facebook to both gain visibility and manage your business.

Drop any questions in the group!

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