How To Use Pinterest As A Beginning Coach

As a beginner, it’s a little confusing what to pin and why.

You probably don’t have many blog posts, maybe not even a website.

That’s ok, you can still gain credibility as a coach by using pinterest.

After you set up your business account, create boards that your clients could find useful.

As a fitness coach you could share posts about workouts, healthy meals, encouragement quotes, etc.

As a spiritual coach you could share posts about angels, numerology, tarot, etc.

Be sure to keep your boards niche specific. Unless your an organizing coach you probably don’t need home decor on your feed. Or dinner recipes. Feel free to have these boards just keep them in secret mode.

Even though they are other people’s articles, your audience will still appreciate you leading them to the information they wanted.

If you build your audience with other people’s content then by the time you have content to offer, you’ll have someone waiting for it.

Drop any questions you have in the group!

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