Make a Website

I dove into affiliate marketing pretty hard at one point.

I think I designed about 16 websites all with matching Pinterest and Instagram accounts. That was just 6 weeks!

I’m no expert but I’ll share with you my exact steps.

It’s not nearly as hard as you would think!

Because at this point in the journey we are all about free, I’m going to describe exactly how to set up a WordPress website.

There are easy options later on if you need to upgrade, it will cost about $200. But free is great for starting out!

Full disclosure: my website is no longer the free version, I invested so I could automate.

All the affiliate ones still make money and are free.

1. Go to and create a blank Instagram image. Simply type your name, choose the font that appeals to you most, center it, and download the image. (You can also do this on their mobile app)

You will have lots of time to change this as you advance in your skills.

No one will be likely to find your website at this point, so don’t worry about content yet.


2. Go to (or you can do this part on the app. You can’t customize from the app tho!) Create an account and log in.

3. Go to the “My Sites” section in the top left corner and choose “add new site.”

4. Create a new site, start now.

5. Name your site after yourself, and it’ll be about coaching. The primary goal is to share ideas. Continue.

6. Use your name as the domain name. Below the paid buttons will be your free website. Click select.

Here’s the site I created during this tutorial.

7. Click start for free.

Good job! You now have a website! If you would like to add your logo now be sure you’re on a laptop or home computer.

8. Scroll down the side menu to customize. It’ll lead you to another section of the site.

9. Add the small logo you made as the site logo and the app logo.


We’ll play around with this more later, but post your link in the group and we’ll check it out!

As you move along in business it’ll be easy to use this site as a landing page, an about me page and an easy way to build your email list.


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