Get Started On Social Media

This exercise is going to help you slowly convert your social media accounts to those of a public figure.

Which is what coaches are 💪💪

Step 1:

  • Choose your 2 favorite social media platforms – ones you won’t mind using on a daily basis.

Step 2:

  • Be sure your name is your profile. For ex – old Instagram handle “@daddys_kitten” should now be @samanthascarlett. The only exception to this is if you already know exactly what kind of coach you want to be (life coach is a general term, we’ll be much more specific later.)

Step 3:

  • Put your face as the profile pic on each one.

Step 4:

  • Unfriend / unfollow anyone who could hold you back from talking about your new adventure, or anyone who brings you down.

Step 5:

  • Remove any offensive content or personal information. Make the account public.

Step 6:

  • Begin posting just one post from the heart (anything!) daily. Like every single day. Ask any questions you have about this in the group!

Note: Many people try to have personal and business accounts.

But I truly encourage you to try to embody your business from the very beginning.

Because to be an effective coach you need to practice being both real and inspiring.

Now take screenshots of your accounts and post them in the group!


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