Discovering & Operating In Your Zone of Genius

There’s a sweet spot in our lives that we must identify.

By doing so we guarantee that we are operating at our highest level and fulfilling our purpose.

So says Gay Hendricks, author of the Big Leap.

I read this book because it came highly recommended when being faced with my own upper limits.

It did help with my upper limits but I learned 2 other life changing things as well.

I learned how to identify my zone of genius, and about Einstein Time.

Today we’ll discuss the zone of genius, but I very much recommend the book of you are at all interested in any of these things!

The Big Leap

So how did I identify my zone of genius?

He made it so simple!

There’s just 3 questions:

  1. What do I most love to do?
  2. What work doesn’t feel like work?
  3. What gives me the highest satisfaction and abundance with the least amount of time spent?

You will then be able to identify your unique ability.

After answering those questions for myself I set out to examine my life, to identify if I was operating in my zone of genius.

You can do the same.

Operating In Your Zone

  1. Identify your unique ability, and your zone of genius.
  2. Write down all the things you do in your life.
  3. Does your unique ability make an appearance? If not, start there and design it in. If so…
  4. Is it prominent? What things could go so you can operate in your genius more?
  5. Figure out how to get rid of it/them or delegate them.


That’s it!

Obviously Hendricks goes into fear more detail in the book. Grab it today!

I’m so glad you landed here today!

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What’s your zone of genius? Leave a comment below.

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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