Self Love Challenge

Thank you for committing to your happiness!

It’s time to put a spotlight on self love.

Psychology Today defines self love as: a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, & spiritual growth.

It’s not just about bubble baths and breathing exercises (although we’ll cover those too.)

It’s about really discovering and creating relationship with yourself and then taking action on it.

Join the challenge today!

I’ve been the one who says I don’t have time, or the money (no money required for this challenge period! No sending yourself flowers or buying new outfits.)

But those excuses kept me in patterns of low self esteem, terrible relationship with food, and not embracing my dreams because i didn’t think I was worthy.

My attempts at life were copying other people and going their actions would work the same for me.

Surprisingly 😮😛… they didn’t.

When I practice self love, cast off guilt about focusing on myself for 20 minutes, and make a commitment to change my thought patterns life begins to like ME.

And feeling like ME is pretty good!

I want you to have those moments of profound, life changing wisdom too.

So I created a 7 day challenge that you can join free!

Go from feeling tired, rushed, unappreciated, low self esteem…


Living as your best self worthy of your dreams, able to find joy, and bounce back from adversity quickly.

Join the challenge today!

Schedule the time now.

The challenge lasts 7 days and begins April 7th.

You will receive journal prompts, affirmations, and daily action steps to dive deep into self love and make space for it as you go forward.

We will cover –

  • Your big goals and your best you
  • Ways to relax and why you need to
  • Creating your own self care plan for the future
  • Nature therapy
  • What your personal strengths are
  • Evaluate how you love others & incorporate those actions into your own life
  • Boundaries
  • And overcoming obstacles to self love and self care.

We’ll also cover bonus materials such as Hygge, creativity, and you’ll receive a free self love TAROT reading by me!

Self love is the foundation for everything beautiful & meaningful in life including achieving your dreams.

Feel loved and confident starting here.

Join the challenge today!

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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