Make Room for MAGIK Day 6

Day 6

Intentionally designing your home and adding a little magik in was never easier!

Here’s a recipe for amazing citrus all purpose cleaner, as well as a combo that will be ready today!

Citrus Infusion

One (or more) quart size jar with lid
Citrus fruit peels (you can use the fruit in a smoothie!)
Herbs (optional)
White vinegar (any brand)

Fill the jar with citrus peels
Pour vinegar over them
Place in desired herbs
Wait 4 weeks, then open
To Use: mix infused vinegar with water using one to one diffusion.

Any type of citrus peels would work.

Here are some ideas:

The Magikal properties of each item listed next to it.

Orange peel – prosperity & success
Mint – money, healing, & consecration


Lemon – clarity, happiness, & purification
Cloves – protection, love, & clarity


Lime – protection, healing, & love
Thyme – happiness, healing, & strength


Grapefruit – attracts abundance

Rosemary – protection, clarity, purification
Any combination you can think of!
Because it takes so long to make this amazing cleaner here’s another one you can start using today!

Equal parts water and vinegar – 2 cups
Baking soda – 1 cup
Wait for fizz to die down
15 drops of your favorite essential oil
This is ready as soon as the fizz is gone!

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