Make Room for MAGIK Day 3

Day 3

Each room of your house is connected to a certain part of your heart.

Each room triggers a feeling, a reason you use this room.

Journal prompt:

What top 3 ways does your bathroom make you feel right now?

What top 3 ways do you want it to make you feel?

Repeat for each living space (office, den, living room, family room, etc)


Time to move into the bathroom and living spaces.

Challenge yourself today to bust thru the “piles” of clutter.

Search for flat surfaces that people just set things on and manage the stuff.

But….just when you thought it was a normal day, I’m going to drop the dramatic change bomb!

Get rid of the offending furniture! Make it no longer convenient to set stuff there.

Ditch the table, the storage drawers, whatever it was.

If it’s a counter, clean it Completely and put something there that discourages a pile.

Lamps, candles, something you can’t set things on.

Bonus! It’ll make you smile when you look at it.

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Ready to do even more?

Good! Let’s do it!

Go full on Minimalist!

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