Make Room for MAGIK Day 2

Day 2

Each room of your house is connected to a certain part of your heart.

Each room triggers a feeling, a reason you use this room.

Journal prompt:

What top 3 ways does your bedroom make you feel right now?

What top 3 ways do you want it to make you feel?

Repeat prompt for each bedroom in the house.


Today we tackle the bedrooms! Dramatic decluttering in the bedrooms generally starts with the closet.

Take all the clothes out of the closet. Fold them and put them in drawers, getting rid of anything you no longer need.

Don’t have drawers?

Other options include a pillowcase, or you can store the clothes along the edges of the mattress (dryer sheets would make them smell amazing as you used them.)

Remove closet doors and, if necessary, store them for moving out (rentals only, owners ditch those doors!)

Clean up or organize any mess left in the closet. We’ll be finishing up this project in a couple days.

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Ready to do even more?

Good! Let’s do it!

Go full on Minimalist!

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