Make Room for MAGIK Day 1

Day 1

Each room of your house is connected to a certain part of your heart.

Each room triggers a feeling, a reason you use this room.

Journal prompt:

What top 3 ways does your kitchen make you feel right now?

What top 3 ways do you want it to make you feel?


The kitchen is one place that everyone in the house uses heavily, daily.

Therefore it makes the most impact when it’s simplified.

Organizing a kitchen is great, clearing those counters feels empowering.

Getting rid of 15 things in 15 minutes is awesome.

But I’m here to make a dramatic difference in your home, so it’ll make dramatic space in your life!

Today I want you to get rid of 15 things in 15 minutes – BUT the catch is, all the items must measure 12” or more!

Ideas include roasting pans, popcorn poppers, crockpots, even a stack of towels and linens would count (as one) if they stack up to 12”!

Bag it all up, and donate it. Breathe in your success! Good job!

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Ready to do even more?

Good! Let’s do it!

Go full on Minimalist!

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