The Color Method – Create Space for MAGIK

They just kept stacking them…

The pile of dishes never seemed to go away.

And one day I snapped.

All the times I told them to rinse their dish and showed them how to do it.

5 kids and one husband, and no idea how those dishes got clean. Must’ve been magic! (Big lol inserted here!)

Can you relate?

Let me tell you how I solved the problem!

I gave every last dish away. Yep. Every matching glass and beautiful dinner set.

Even the silverware.

I know people have a strong bond with their dishes sometimes, but it was more important to me to enjoy my family, not be frustrated with them every time I walked into the kitchen (family of seven, I was in there often.)

So what did we use for dishes?

I’m glad you asked.

After donating every dish I owned, I stopped by the Dollar Tree.

They have colored plastic dishes for…yep! A dollar!

I bought each person their own color of bowls, plates, cups, and silverware.

They kept them where they chose, in their room or in a cupboard.

When mealtime came you had to use your own color of dish.

If it wasn’t clean, you better wash it quick.

Even the toddler caught on, wiping her dish with a baby wipe (and a little help.)

This color method worked so well that I eventually extended it to towels as well.

There was never a pile of dishes in the sink again.

And when there was that random cup or plate, I knew who to call to get rid of it!

Everyone took a small chunk of responsibility (washing a plate is a very small responsibility) but it relieved a huge burden from my shoulders.

It helped me to see my kitchen in a whole new light.

It was a place I could go and feel pleasure.

I brought positive energy to my cooking, began experimenting with herbs, infusing certain herbs in my cooking so my family could reap the benefits.

I was able to intentionally change the atmosphere to the benefit of the entire family!

So can you!


You created space, now let’s bring in the magik!

  • Place candles around the room
  • remove fluorescent lighting
  • Cook with specific herbs to influence a mood in your household (thyme for happiness and healing, cloves for protection and love)
  • Use an all natural cleaner you designed intentionally – get your recipe here
  • Charm your cooking pot – set an intention for your pot to hold (Health? Strength?). Place a white candle in it and burn it on the night of the new moon
  • Draw a sigil on the handle of a wooden spoon

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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