Cut The Clutter – Create Space For Magik

We all have things laying around just because they remind us of a happy time.

But when we are extreme decluttering (and creating space for more MAGIK in our lives) that’s just not going to work anymore.

Here are 5 ways you can keep your happy memories without keeping the clutter.

Digital Frame

This is a great way to preserve all your memories, and you get to see them everyday.

Take a picture of your keepsakes and load them into your frame.

Instantly you’ve cleared up several items that had no purpose (well you know what I mean) and made them into something that brings you joy.

Click here for a digital frame!

Clothes to Quilts

Grandma’s handprint sweater, baby’s coming home clothes, the vacation t-shirts…

All sitting in a pile (or several) somewhere.

All while we spend hundreds of dollars on bedding!

Here’s a book that will help you turn all your memories into usable art!

Shadow Box

Create a shadow box to showcase clothes and toys that have sentimental value but are no longer needed.

They are really easy to stuff full and hang on the wall.

Stuffed Animal Canvas

Pictured below are 2 great options for memory filled stuffies!

Original photos care of Apartment Therapy

Memory Jar

Vacations are filled with opportunities to buy things we’re never going to use again just so we won’t forget.

Here are 2 ideas that preserve the memory without creating the clutter.

Each time you go somewhere pick up a cup of sand or dirt. Stack in an attractive glass jar, and label.

Or, write your favorite memory of vacation on a rock you found there. Be sure to date it. Keep them in a beautiful jar as well!

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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