Limiting Beliefs Be Gone Ritual

Beliefs are only true because you believe them.

Sit with that for a minute.

Don’t pick it apart. Yes the pen is blue because culture has taught us it’s blue, but why do the work to change that belief? It’s not affecting your life!

Let’s focus on beliefs that could be holding you back.

Limiting beliefs such as inadequacy, believing you’re unimportant, you can’t make a difference, people don’t like you, you can’t….these are the beliefs it’s worthwhile to change.

To change a limiting belief:

  • Grab your journal
  • Ask yourself where you’re unhappy and why.
  • Identify the belief holding you there.
  • Find at least 2 truths that bust thru the lie.
  • Reframe them and read the new truths 2x a day until they are so true you don’t know how you ever thought different!

Limiting Belief Shower Ritual:

Jump into a hot shower immediately after journaling.

Picture the limiting beliefs you just narrowed down.

Imagine that they are pouring from your shoulders and washing right down the drain.

Forever gone.

Using your favorite shampoo or shower oil caress your entire body while thinking about the beliefs you reframed.

Feel into them while showing your body careful love and attention.

As the soap drains away imagine that it’s streams of gratitudeyour sending out to the universe.

That could be the end of the ritual or you could go take a nap before heading back to your day.


When you intentionally choose to believe something new, the decision prompts action. These actions based on the new beliefs will become new results.

And so it is!

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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