Gratitude Ritual For The Waning Moon

It’s the end of January.

The end of being hit over the head with health ads.

The end of the gym special promotions and 90% off Weight Watchers.

Time to be grateful for our bodies just as they are today.

Time to show ourselves love.

It’s not a common practice here in America.

We are often not happy in our bodies. We hold ourselves to a standard, and even if we reach it we want better.

We need to jump out of the place of being held to other people’s standards.

Be grateful for all that you are. Today.

Gratitude Ritual


  • Candles
  • Mirror
  • Pendant of your choice
  • Cell phone


  1. Light the candles and strip your clothes off
  2. Put the pendant you chose on (I recommend obsidian, hematite to repel negativity or citrine to boost confidence)
  3. Stand in front of the mirror and turn on your cell camera
  4. Film a video of you telling your body out loud how you are grateful for it
  5. Tell the universe thank you for your bodies perfect design
  6. Watch the video morning and night for the next three days


As you watch the video take note of any self talk you hear. If there’s anything negative change it to a positive.

Write this positive statement 3 times in a place you’ll see it.

Wear your pendant for the 3 days as well, to remind you of your gratitude and as a reminder to change negative self talk to positive.



Happy Ritual!

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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