Making Intuitive Decisions

Making big decisions isn’t easy.

There’s doubt about what we want, what’s best for us, what’s best for others, and what if you’re wrong!

We can get stalled in the thinking process.

So we flip to the spiritual process.

Light a candle, read the wax. Drink some tea, Google what the leaves mean.

Still no closer to a decision.

That’s because there’s 3 parts to making every decision! They can’t be separated.

3 Parts To Every Decision

  • Logical – this is where we weigh the pros and cons. Make lists, evaluate your strengths, notice difficulties today could arise.
  • Spiritual – this is where we call in our guides. Whether that be tarot, meditating, candles, tea or (insert your choice here), they offer support and even direction.
  • Intuition – this is the final key to the puzzle. You have evaluated, heard from the guides. Now you just close your eyes and choose. This may seem difficult at first (our minds need to be trained to let go, they don’t just do it without practice.) Follow the activity below to activate your intuition.


Grab your Selenite for this activity!

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Tap Into Your Intuition

  • Sit in a comfortable place with your feet planted firmly on the floor (grounding)
  • Take deep breaths, in for one out for two
  • Let go of all your thoughts
  • Imagine yourself in a cave
  • You take off your clothes and lie on the floor
  • Feel the moisture dripping
  • It’s acidic and begins to dissolve your skin and organs
  • Everything is stripped away and you are now a skeleton
  • Feel the empty
  • The sun rays begin to come in the cave opening
  • It gives you energy to rebuild your systems
  • Put only what you want in your life back in
  • Open your eyes and journal any feeling it thoughts that came up
  • Make your choice
  • Don’t second guess yourself

(Inspiration Diana Raab PhD, Psychology Today)


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Affirm that there well be no fear in your mind as you go forward with your decision.

Affirmation: “Everything in my life has always worked out for my greater good. This will too.”

**And so it is**

Happy meditating!

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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