Making the Magic -Step By Step Plan

During the new moon we set clear intentions.

We know what we want and how it will feel.

We’ve got our tools in place, and they are fully charged.

Now what?

Now we make the plan!

First, grab some citrine if you have it. If not clear quartz will work!

Get this Raw Citrine Pendant!

Citrine is is the stone of success and guides you to and thru your life purpose. It supports the second chakra, which is the seat of creativity, energy, and abundance.

If you’re using quartz infuse those energies into it.

Now go somewhere you’ve never been before. A new coffee shop, a park, anywhere you can sit for a few minutes to write.

Check in with your intuition and feel the Original Energy from your stone. You are ready for this!

6 Steps To The Magic Plan:

  1. Establish your vision – write down very specifically what you want.
  2. Identify what you will need, and the resources available. If there is a need without a resource find one.
  3. List the steps you will take to accomplish your plan. Break it down into very small and specific tasks, that can be easily crossed off.
  4. List the end result of your work and how it will make you feel. Write as if it’s already happened.
  5. Set the schedule/time frame for your project.
  6. List any problems that may arise and brain storm possible solutions.

Manifesting magic takes courage, self knowledge, and a feeling of being unattached but still having a plan.

Work your action steps but stay tuned into your intuition. Accept opportunities that further your goal.

Stay tuned into the feeling this accomplishment will bring about. Maintain that feeling as often as possible. If it slips, check in and bring it right back.

Your future is waiting for you!

Get this deck!

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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