3 Ways to Set New Moon Intentions

The new moon rolls around again very quickly.

You’ve just gone thru the release of the full moon and the gratitude of the waxing stages.

Then this new energy builds and you know it’s time to move forward.

But with what?

That’s what I struggled with a little this month.

It came so fast after the holidays and I’ve been struggling to clean, purge, get in some extra work, and try to think about the whole year in advance.

I’m tired, but –

There’s no way I’m missing the opportunity to move forward with the original energy.

So, I was sitting here trying to remind myself that intentions aren’t goals. They aren’t something you can check off your list. They are a new stage in your life, an alchemical spiritual change in your soul.

Every month….

It takes focus, but not worry.

Here are 3 ways to let go of the worry and choose your intention from what the universe has for you:

  1. Take some quiet time to yourself, in a bath or quiet dim room. Think of all the things you’re grateful for. Let your mind take it all in. Imagine yourself in the coming month being completely “selfish” and serving yourself every single day. What feelings does that bring up for you? Special food, special pampering, special time carved out for your hobbies, just for you. The feelings that brings up will point you toward your monthly intention. If there is resistance, your intention should be around a release of guilt. If it sounds wonderful and like things you already do on a regular basis think about how to expand that practice to include others (not in your private time but as a way to serve them.)
  2. Calm your mind. Ask the universe what it has for you this month. Pull a card from your favorite tarot or angel deck. Read what it says and focus in on one word that arises as you contemplate the meaning it has in your life. Use this to set your intention for the month.
  3. Hold a chakra meditation necklace and check in mentally with each one. Is there one area that you are feeling stress in? If so center your intention around relieving stress in that area. If there’s money stress your intention could be “frugal”, if there’s relationship stress your intention could be “value myself and my partner (or child), if you’re feeling confused about life your intention could be “meditate”. Be sure to follow the esbats and check in with yourself every few days.

Following the moon to tap into original energy is one of the deepest, most life changing things you can do.

Wearing a daily reminder of your monthly intention will keep it right in the front of your mind. You can check those out here.

What is your intention for the month? Comment below!

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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