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Yes you can create whatever you want. You’re a magical being and only your thoughts limit what you can accomplish!

But there is a direct exchange in alchemy. (Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange.)

You have to give things up too. We can’t hold space for negativity. We must root it out.

What you have to give up may surprise you.

Real Life Anecdotes follows, names changed:

Rachel’s Story:

I thought I was angry at my sister. I had been in an ongoing battle to keep her children out of foster care and she was blocking me at every path. She had the idea that if she stopped me from having them, they would magically return to her.

That was absolutely not the case, but it was her truth in that stage of her life.

So I began a journey toward forgiveness, wanting to change the situation. I had to get in the right emotional state for my magic to work.

During these deeply introspective few days I was blindsided. It wasn’t my sister I was feeling all the emotional (non magical) baggage from!

I was able to understand my sister’s point of view and deal with that on a healthy level.

Really was my mother in law whom I needed to deal with mentally. She had absolutely nothing to do with the situation.

That realization shocked me top the core and I asked the universe to help me acknowledge and clear.

My sister’s children were able to be adopted by me and later reunited with her in a healthy and loving relationship.

My mother in law can also no longer hurt my magic because I have built boundaries and encircled my energy so it no longer mixes with hers.

I gave up my resentment toward her. I gave up my desperation to have her like me. I gave up the idea of how things should be, my prefect life.

And I found magic.



Cassidy Story:

Recently, following the Intention Alchemy Method, I set an intention to clear one chakra that day (just kinda a random daily intention.)

So I turned to my tarot deck and asked a question to the universe. “What chakra do I need to clear today, what do I fear most?”

I pulled the reversed 4 of wands and look it over.

I see a bird gathering things and immediately think “I must need my root chakra cleaned, I’m sure my money story is chasing me.”

I thought I needed to heal my money chakra, but after reading about the card (and even matched the primary colors on the card to the corresponding chakra for clarity) what I really needed to work on was me allowing envy into my life.

There’s more from there but what I’ve given up is the assumption thati need more and because I don’t have it yet I must need healing. I’ve begun to give up my desire for more and my insecurity around judging my success by other people’s possessions or space.


You have to give things up too. We can’t hold space for negativity. We must root it out.

Try this quick method-

  • Set a daily intention (something small you can add into your day, only you know what it needs to be)
  • Ask the universe how to accomplish this
  • Pull a tarot card and notice the design and colors, and if necessary read correspondence to the card online or in book
  • Choose the tool to best channel your intention (I use jewelry.)
  • Dip the tool (crystal, symbol, color) in rose water, and burn a white birthday candle all the way down.
  • Wear it proudly knowing that the universe fully supports your magic!

In your journal that night you can notice the things that had to leave to accomplish your intent.

It could be resentment needed to leave before your work environment got better.

It could be selfishness needed to leave before you could be present for your children.

It could be selflessness needed to leave before you felt fulfilled.

Only you know….

But we’d like to know!

Comment below if you use this method today!

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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