10 Steps To An Intentional Capsule Wardrobe

Witches live normal lives.

We are busy, have children, we work and play.

We need to save time (feeling rushed or overwhelmed leaves us no headspace for intentional manifestation in our lives.)

We love to save money (for crystals of course…hehe)

We desire space (clearing clutter around us leaves us time to clear the clutter within us. This headspace is essential for creating your magical life!)


The capsule wardrobe!

I chose all black for my wardrobe for a few reasons:

  • It looks great.
  • It deflects negativity, and this world is just full of it.
  • It comes in many styles (I have a gypsy skirt with a cute top, plus black leggings and a tee.)
  • I travel full time with a toddler, so I need things that don’t get dirty easily!
  • You never have to worry about what time of the month it is.
  • It’s a really great color to showcase my accessories! Even obsidian and slate sparkle beautifully against this background. And my accessories are my magical tools!

How to create your own capsule wardrobe:

  1. Choose your color intentionally. What do you need your clothes to do for you at the basic core of your soul? (This sounds really deep but it can be very simple, such as deflect negativity)
  2. Empty your closet of everything that isn’t that color. Donate.
  3. Place everything that is in that color in a pile and choose wisely.
  4. Add 5 bottoms to your closet (shorts, skirt, jeans, leggings, etc)
  5. Add 9 tops in flattering styles.
  6. Add accents and accessories intentionally (chosen for color or properties to speed the manifestation of your intentions-you can add to or change these on a regular basis)
  7. Add layers (a jean jacket or a cute shawl are great options)
  8. Add shoes (1 dress up shoe, 2 winter shoes, 2 summer shoes)


You may have to purchase a couple items in the beginning, but after that you’ll only have to replace things that wear out or don’t fit anymore.


Here are a few of my favorite places to pick up clothes, and accessories:

Amazon – great for inexpensive but high quality clothing. Has great return policy so I can buy with confidence.

Original Energy Fashion – filled with intentional accessories, jewelry, and magic.

The Witches Curio – fun and affordable! Good thing accessories are easy to store!

Do you have a shop with witchy accessories?

Drop your link in the comments!

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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