Setting Magical Intentions

Intentions require focus. Magic requires clarity.

Here’s a quick, step-by-step guide to be sure that you know exactly what you want and maintain the focus to reach a magical end.

  • Step 1: REFLECT. What do you want to bring into your life? What do you need to remove? Be sure you have a strong ‘ why’. Not just what you want but why you want it.
  • Step 2: WRITE IT DOWN. Use the moon journal to write down your intention and how it magically evolves as you put your entire focus on bringing it into your life.
  • Step 3: STAY POSITIVE. Things are not always easy when they begin to change. They may seem worse, or you may find yourself considering if it’s worth it. Our minds are expanding and making space for what the universe wants to give us. Find other magical friends to share your journey. List any challenges you face and how you’ll overcome them.
  • Step 4: CHARGE YOUR TOOL. There’s a whole post regarding this, check it out here.
  • Step 5: KEEP THE MOON JOURNAL. You can find a free moon journal guide here. That will keep you focused and in tune with the universal original energy.
  • Step 6: KEEP AN OPEN MIND. The process may change, narrow, or broaden your original intention. Be aware of the direction your inner eye is leading you, while still using the tool to intentionally create your life. Don’t lose focus but allow yourself space to grow.
  • Step 7: WRITE DOWN YOUR SUCCESS. Before each new moon write down or make a personal video telling yourself what you’ve accomplished and what’s different this month. You can also use this time to record what tool you’ve used and why.
  • Step 8: GRATITUDE. Express your gratitude that you are able to tap into the energy of the universe and create exactly what you want for your life. List all things you are grateful for and snuggle down in the overwhelming feeling that everything in the universe wants you to succeed.

Magic is not bipity-bopity-boo. It’s mindset and energy and flow.

Because of this you are indispensable in the process and absolutely unlimited in your power.

Blessed be.

– Samantha Scarlett, The Intention Alchemist

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