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New Arrivals

Moon Magic Workbook

Discover how magical and transformative following the moon can be with this carefully crafted printable workbook. This workbook helps you shut out the world, tune into yourself and what you really want, and flow with the feminine energy of the moon to get it.ย  This magical creation touches on all eight phases of the moon, allowing for both introspection and action steps required for manifestation. Kill the hustle, and tune into your intuition with these rituals, worksheets, and journal pages Allow the universe to open your mind, and strengthen your inner knowing, check in with yourself everyday! See your desires appear with synchronicity and joy, because you are in alignment! Includes: Intention setting guide, new and full moon ritual planners (so itโ€™s personal to your intention), journal prompts to check in with yourself as the cycle progresses, gratitude ritual, tools to enhance your manifestation, tarot spreads to tap into your intuition, moon wall art, and much more! 42 pages following the eight phases of the moon! Enjoy!



Magical Morning Ebook / Workbook

This is a quick read (we all have enough books we wonโ€™t actually finish!), and you can literally start using your routine within a few minutes! If you are ready to go from: Stressed Out > Zen each morning, Overworked > My Cup Is Full, Always Running Behind > Organized Rushed Without Joy >Time To Enjoy Drained & Exhausted > Smiling and Creative Self Conscious > Confident Never Get Things Done > Productive Worried About Everything > Grateful Everyday . And I wonโ€™t even ask you to get up early or read a bunch of useless info! We get right to the nitty gritty, take action, and set the intention that this will become the new norm.


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